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TSN reported it. Comes out to be 7.1 per.

This is huge. Many thought he could get 8 or even 8.5- maybe even 9 per if there was a bidding war, but instead we got him for a little over 7.

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I was chatting with a member from the boards here, and it was projected @ 7.3m... so the price is right.
You have to pay for skill-- hopefully Campbell is the right one for such a long deal.
Now, I'm waiting for the Khabbi and Havlat chips to fall.

The 4th period is rumoring that Bulin mat got to LA... but for what or who?
Kopitar-- I wish... probably a 3rd rounder in '09.
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How I'd love for some way for us to send Havlat and Khabby to LA.

Getting Kopitar would be the icing on the cake unless they won't move him. If not, FROLOV.:wub:
I heard on SC that we signed Huet too. He may be French, but d@mmit he's not that bad.
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